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The Mission of the 7th Toronto Regiment RCA

7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery has strength of just under 200 part-time soldiers organized into three batteries: 130 Battery, as a headquarters and training battery, 9 Battery, as a gun battery, and 15 Battery as a mortar battery. The day to day operations of the regiment are supported by a full-time cadre that consists of approximately ten officers and non-commissioned members who include several members posted in from the Regular Force (the full-time Army). As full-time staff, they prepare training exercises, conduct the unit’s routine administration and ensure that the unit’s plans and orders conform to the larger needs of the Canadian Army.

The weapon of the artillery is the “projectile”, usually taking the form of a high explosive (HE) 105 millimetre shell. These shells, using the C3 howitzers, are capable of engaging targets over 12 kilometres away, with a damage radius of 50 metres. 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery has four, C3 howitzers that are capable of firing HE, Smoke, Illumination, and High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) rounds to engage different forms of enemy and provide support to the infantry and armoured counterparts. [/one_half]

The Regiment is also equipped with four 81mm mortars that may be used to engage enemies and provide defence support against targets at ranges of up to 4 kilometers.

Each soldier is equipped with the C7A2 service rifle, a 5.56 millimetre automatic rifle standard to the Canadian Armed Forces. 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery also possesses an array of light and medium machine guns along with a handful of portable anti-tank weapons. It is also equipped with lightweight combat radios and several transport trucks. Soldiers of the unit are issued operational uniforms and personal equipment in the Canadian Digital Pattern (CADPAT) camouflage.

Recent Operations

Soldiers of 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery augmented the Canadian Forces presence at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, as well as provided protection and security during the G20 and G8 summits, the same year. The unit has also deployed individual soldiers to Afghanistan to augment their Regular Force colleagues from 2002-2012.


9 Field Battery

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15 Lightfighter Battery


130 HQ, Svc and Trg Battery


The Band







Command Team of the 7th Toronto Regiment RCA

Lieutenant-Colonel Ryan D. Smid, MMM, MB, CD.

Lieutenant-Colonel Smid joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 through the Regular Officer Training Program. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies (Honours) in 1993 and a Master of International Trade in 2010 at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Program and the Infantry Dismounted Company Commander’s Course.

Lieutenant-Colonel Smid has served in both the First and Second Regiments Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in virtually every capacity culminating in command of F Battery between 2005 and 2007. In addition to his Regimental service, he completed staff tours at the Joint Headquarters in Kingston, ON, the Strategic Joint Staff in Ottawa, ON, and Land Forces Western Area Headquarters in Edmonton, AB. Over the course of his Regular Force career, he completed operational tours in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.


Chief Warrant Officer Master Gunner David Robinson MMM, CD

Raised in Guelph Ontario, MWO Robinson joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1973 as a Gunner in the 11th Fd Regt RCA. In 1975 he made a component transfer to the Regular Force and was posted to 2 RCHA.  Over the next 33 years he was posted to the Royal Canadian Artillery School, 5 RALC and several more times to 2RCHA. He is a Jump Master and Parachute Instructor with over 160 jumps to his credit.


Honoraries of the 7th Toronto Regiment, RCA

Portrait of Brigadier-General (Retired) Ernest B. Beno, Honourary Colonel, 7th Toronto Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery

Honorary Colonel Brigadier-General (ret’d) Ernest (Ernie) Beno OMM, CD

Brigadier-General Ernest (Ernie) Beno OMM, CD, began his military career when he enrolled as a Gunner with the 42nd Medium Regiment, RCA in 1960. Having served two years as a young reservist, BGen Beno transferred to the Regular Force and was posted to the 2nd Regiment of Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Clearihue

HCol Mark Clearihue was born near Owen Sound, grew up in New Jersey and recently retired after a successful career in the banking industry.  He was appointed Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment by Ministerial Order in October 2016.


Honorary Colonel Emeritus

(title last held by Brigadier H.E. Brown and is currently vacant)

Brigadier General H.E. (Ted) BROWN, OBE OStJ ED CD BA

BGen Brown was born in Brandon, Manitoba. (August 30, 1912 – October 15, 2014)

His 40 year military career began in 1928 when he enlisted at age 16 in the Manitoba Rangers. He excelled in marksmanship and qualified as an instructor at the Canadian Small Arms School at Sarcee Camp. He rose through the non-commissioned ranks and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in 1932 and Captain in 1935. Further infantry qualifying courses were completed at Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg the next year.