The Regimental Senate

The Regimental Senate was formed in the early 2010’s.   The groundwork began by then Commanding Officer LCol Mike Gomes and then HCol James Briethaupt  The Senators are the Former Commanding Officers and the Former Honorary Colonels.

The Aims of the Senate are

  1. Act as an advisory body to the Commanding Officer
  2. To Assist the Commanding Officer in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Regiment.
  3. To advance the welfare of the Regiment.
  4. To assist in the sponsorship of the Cadet Corps if so requested by the Commanding Officer.
  5. To deal with such matters as they may be referred to it from time to time by the Commanding Officer.

Senate Projects and Initiatives

The Senate believes firmly in the adage “Once a Gunner always a Gunner” and is always looking for the Gunners and Canadians at large with interest or information that they can share.  The following are projects and events that anyone, military or public is invite to contribute to or simply attend.

calling all gunners

Toronto Gunners – Call for Support

The Fallen

 Toronto Families of Fallen Gunners, 9th Battery CFA, WWI

Senate Publications and Downloads


 Family Strategy Plan 2017-2022

Meeting Minutes 25 Jan 16

 Meeting Minutes 8 Sept 15

Meeting Minutes 18 June 15

Meeting Minutes 27 Oct 14

Family Strategy