7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery Band

History of the 7th Toronto RCA Band

Although the 7th Toronto RCA Band was not actually formed under this name until 1922, the history of artillery bands in Toronto goes back much further than this.

In the mid 18th Century, Canadian military bands modelled after those in Britain were already performing in parades, mess dinners, military ceremonies, and public concerts. Articles referencing what was previously named the Toronto Garrison Artillery Band dated back 1882.

They performed in venues such as the Toronto Industrial Exhibition as early as 1883 – today, it is known as the CNE. During this period, the band was privately funded by Artillery officers, with funds generated through concerts. World War II saw the majority of band members enlisting in the armed forces and the band ceased operations. During this period the Weston Silver Band (still active today!) became the official band of the Canadian Field Artillery. While the Artillery Band continued to represent the 7th Toronto Regiment, the 53rd Battery, which was undergoing mobilisation training, continued to make music on its own. There is some historical documentation that in the 1950s the 42nd Medium Regiment, RCA, hosted a reserves women’s band, pointing to some of the early history of women’s participation within Toronto area military bands.

Our unit’s march is The Voice of the Guns (1917) composed by Kenneth J. Alford.

Meet the Band Leadership Team

 Lieutenant Carina Lam, C.D. Introducing our new Director of Music, Lieutenant Carina Lam, C.D. Lt Lam transferred to 7th Toronto Regt RCA from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, 31 Canadian Brigade, where she served for over 14 years as a musician. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and the Royal Northern College of Music (UK), she studied minor conducting under the tutelage of Dr. Jessica Kun and Mark Heron. She also studied with Capt Francois Dorion and participated in masterclasses by Timothy Reynish, Dr. Paula Holcomb, and Dr. Mark Scatterday.

Master Warrant Officer Darrin Hicks, C.D. MWO Darrin Hicks is the Band Sgt Major, and has served in the Canadian Forces Reserves for over 40 years. In 1989, he picked up a trumpet and has been performing in military bands ever since. Darrin has held the appointments of Band Sgt/Maj and Regimental Trumpet Major with the GGHG, as well as Band Sgt/Maj and Drum Major with the 7th Toronto Regiment RCA. Darrin is the Principal Trumpet with the Toronto Community Orchestra, Flugelhornist with the Whitby Brass Band, Baritone with the Upper Canada Brass Band, Lead Trumpet with the Harmonie Brass Showband, and has performed with the Juno Award winning rock band, Glass Tiger.

Meet the Musicians


Bdr (ret) Doriann Forrester, C.D.*

2Lt Alice Li (32 CBG)

Bdr Aria Singh


Sgt David Marshall*

Capt (re) Nick Arrigo, C.D.

Mscn Shelly Glass

Mscn Eric Lee

Mscn Abner Liu

Mscn John Walker


Pte (B) Devon Symonds*

Mscn Ann Arrigo

Mscn Nikita Naymushin

Mscn Samantha Roman


Bdr Amy Hathaway, C.D.*

Sgt (ret) Trish Beck, C.D.

Bdr Joanne Yin


Bdr John Dewhirst*

Bdr (ret) David Archer, C.D

Cpl (ret) Ellen Lichman, C.D.

WO (ret) Philip Trow, C.D.


Mscn Bob Phillips

Mscn Carling Pang

Mscn Lionel Stanway


Bdr Nic Dennison*

Pte (R) Tony Luo

WO (ret) Ray Woodhams, C.D.


Bdr Sarah Wu


Bdr John Smith, C.D.*

Mscn James Price

Pte (R) Jeffrey Zhu


MWO Darrin Hicks, C.D.**

Sgt Suraj Rajkumar, C.D.*

Bdr Daniel Barak

Pte (R) Justin Couto

Mscn Anneka Geddes

Mscn John McGregor

** Band Sergeant Major

* Section Leader