Commanding Officers, Regimental Sgt Majors and Honorary Colonels


Front row: LCol Gibson, LCol Haylock, LCol McKenna, LCol MacGillivary.  Middle row: LCol Brazill, LCol Downs. Upper row: LCol Mowatt, LCol Mikkola, LCol MacDonald, LCol Sherman. Top: LCol Hubel.


The Captain-General of the Regiment

1965-2022 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada

The Commanding Officers of the 7th Toronto Regiment, RCA

1965-1966 Lieutenant-Colonel L.F. (Leo) ATKINS, CD

1966-1969 Lieutenant-Colonel D.A. (Dennis) REED, CD

1969-1972 Lieutenant-Colonel J.C. (John) McKENNA, CD

1972-1975 Lieutenant-Colonel B.S. (Brian)  MacDONALD, CD

1975-1979 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R.M. (Jim) HUBEL, CD, AdeC

1979-1982 Lieutenant-Colonel G.E. (George) HAYLOCK, CD

1982-1985 Lieutenant-Colonel C.R. (Colin) MOUATT, CD

1985-1988 Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. (John) GIBSON, CD, AdeC

1988-1992 Lieutenant-Colonel B.R. (Barry) DOWNS, CD

1992-1993 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R.M (Jim) HUBEL, CD, AdeC

1993-1996 Lieutenant-Colonel D.J. (Don) MacGILLIVARY, CD

1996-2000 Lieutenant-Colonel B.D. (Brian) SHERMAN, CD

2000-2002 Lieutenant-Colonel R.H. (Ray) MIKKOLA, CD

2002-2005 Lieutenant-Colonel J.L. (Jim) BRAZILL, CD

2005-2009 Lieutenant-Colonel B. (Bill) KALOGERAKIS, CD

2009-2012 Lieutenant-Colonel M. (Mike) GOMES, CD

2012-2015 Lieutenant-Colonel P.A. (Paul) SZABUNIO, CD

2015-2018 Lieutenant -Colonel R.D. (Ryan) SMID, MMM, MB, CD

2018-2021 Lieutenant-Colonel N.S. (Nav) GREWAL, CD

2021- pres Lieutenant-Colonel J.W. (John) DEAN, CD, AdeC

Commanding Officers Special Guest Night 2017 Top Row L-R LCol Mikkola, LCol Gomes, LCol MacGillivary, LCol Szabunio, Col Kalogerakis Front Row L-R HLCol Clearihue, LCol Brazill, LCol Sherman, LCol Smid, Col Hubel, Col Downs, HCol BGen (ret’d) Beno

The Regimental Sergeant Majors of 7 Toronto, RCA

1965-1969 Chief Warrant Officer R.G. JOHNSON, CD

1969-1973 Chief Warrant Officer S.J.(Stu) BOAR, CD

1973-1977 Chief Warrant Officer W. (Wolf) MAYDELL, CD

1977-1982 Chief Warrant Officer N.G. (Neil) MACEACHERN, CD

1982-1983 Master Warrant Officer J.M (John) MAHON, CD

1983-1988 Chief Warrant Officer R.S. (Ron) PATERSON, MMM, CD

1988-1990 Chief Warrant Officer S.E. (Steve) ZURBRIGG, CD

1990-1994 Chief Warrant Officer J.M (John) MAHON, CD

1994-1996 Chief Warrant Officer K. (Kevin) LIGHTFOOT, CD

1998-2002 Chief Warrant Officer S. CLARK, CD

2002-2006 Chief Warrant Officer R. (Roger) NOKE, CD

2006-2010 Chief Warrant Officer P.E. (Pedro) ROSA, MMM, CD

2010-2010  Master Warrant Officer P.M (Mardie) REYES, CD

2010-2012 Chief Warrant Officer R.A. (Ross) ATKINSON, CD

2012-2017 Master Warrant Officer P.M. (Mardie) REYES, CD

2017-2018 Chief Warrant Officer (Mr Gnr) D. (Dave) ROBINSON, MMM, CD

2018-2021 Chief Warrant Officer T. (Tim) COOKE, CD

2021- pres Chief Warrant Officer M.I (Mike) BECHMANIS, CD

HCol LGen Simonds laying wreath at Stanley Barracks. Remembrance Day 1965.

HCol LGen Simonds laying wreath at Stanley Barracks. Remembrance Day 1965.

The Honorary Colonels and Lieutenant-Colonels of the Regiment (listed with their highest rank attained while active)

1965-1966 Lieutenant-General G.G. (Guy) SIMONDS, CC, CB, CBE, DSO, CD

1965-1968 Lieutenant-Colonel E.A. ROYCE, ED

1966-1972 Lieutenant-Colonel D.H. JUPP, OBE, CD

1968-1977 Lieutenant-Colonel  J.D. CAMBRIDGE, CD

1972-1983 Lieutenant-Colonel L.F. (Leo) ATKINS, CD

1977-1989 Colonel D. (Don) PYPER, MC, CD

1983-1986 Colonel A. (Tony) SOSNKOWSKI, CD

1986-1991 Brigadier-General H.E. (Ted) BROWN, OBE, ED, CD

1989-1999 Colonel J.C. (John) MCKENNA, CD

1991-1994 Lieutenant-Colonel B. (Bobby) HERRIOT, CD

1994-2005 The Honorable R. (Roy) McLAREN, PC

1999-2009 Colonel J.M. (Jim) HUBEL, CD, AdeC

2005-2010 Major-General B.E. (Brian) STEPHENSON, CD

2009-2013 Colonel J.R. (James) BREITHAUPT, CD

2011-2015 Mr. T.J. (Tom) BITOVE, O.Ont

2013- 2017 Brigadier-General E. (Ernie) BENO, OMM, CD

2017-2020 Lieutenant-Colonel B. R. (Barry) Downs, CD

2016- pres Mr. M. (Mark) CLEARIHUE

2020-present Captain (ret’d) J. (Jeannette) CHAU